My Soul Finds Rest in You.

Life has been a bit overwhelming these last five months. My time in San Francisco has been so refreshing, yet challenging at the same time. Towards the end of November, I found myself longing to come home to visit Pittsburgh. Now that I’ve been here, I see that this place has changed too. Caught between two places, and with several big decisions about my future looming over my head, I’m feeling disheartened, and honestly, quite lost.  I don’t think there’s a quick fix to these emotions, so I will put my trust in Jesus and take one day at a time.

Last night, I was pretty upset about everything that has been going on. During this time, I found myself scribbling down the words below in a notebook. While I don’t enjoy feeling this way, I am so thankful that creative pieces like this seem to flow out of me during these times.

|My Soul Finds Rest in You |

Tripping, falling on these calloused feet,
Towards a path I’ve never seen;
The rocks are falling under me, 
As I wonder if I’ll ever really feel complete.

Losing myself requires leaving behind the past;
While getting lost demands embracing an unknown future.
Learning the difference, 
Transforms my wounds into scars.

Resistance tugs on my coattails,
Its silvery voice softly whispers in my ear. 
Standing on the edge alone,
My insecurities keep me from taking flight.

But hope is waiting in the shadows,
Pointing me towards my heavenly home.
I know this world may be broken,
But my soul finds rest in You.


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