The Millennial Job Search


During my sophomore year of college, I attempted to avoid the job market all together by creating my own fortune: I founded my own startup, ProfilePasser — an app that connects high school athletes and college recruiters on the field. Last year, I got into Pittsburgh’s leading incubator,AlphaLab, and built and validated my idea with over 1000 players and 100 coaches — all while a full-time college student and with only $25k in funding. I was even named as one of the Top 4 “Coolest College Startups in America” by Inc. Magazine.

Unfortunately, I hit a few roadblocks and my student loans are now forcing me to take a step back from my company for the time being while I switch my focus to finding a position at another company in San Francisco. ProfilePasser is still in my future, but my mentors and I agree that creating some personal financal security while building my skill set at another company will greatly increase my chances of future success with my own startup.

For a person like myself, it’s tough to transition from going 100 mph every day to a much slower schedule. In September, I began my job search feeling hopeful that between my startup experience and a few great introductions in the Bay Area, I would find a position in no time. However, one month turned into two months, and in the blink of an eye, it was December and I was struggling with some pretty serious anxiety and depression. I had gotten so close with a few amazing companies, but things just kept falling through at the very, very last stage.

In an attempt to save my mental health, I flew home to Pittsburgh for a few weeks during the holidays to regain some perspective:

-Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.
-Be patient; don’t lose heart; things will work together for good.
-You have a part that only you can play; and your business is to play it to perfection, instead of trying to force fortune.
-You are not in want of food, water, or shelter. Life is good; it could be worse.

This week, I returned to San Francisco healthy, happy, and determined to find an open position without losing my sanity this time around. If the last few months have taught me anything, it’s how important it is to create a daily schedule to help me stay focused, maintain a sense of purpose, and maintain a balanced lifestyle while I work through this time of unemployment.

If you’re an unemployed recent grad, I would encourage you to create a similar schedule too. I really think this will make all the difference.

Also, if you know anyone looking to hire a product marketer or content marketer in San Francisco, feel free to pass along my portfolio website!

Daily Routine:

8:00 am: Wake up
30 mins: Workout
45 mins: Shower
20 mins: Breakfast
30 mins: Check job postings
60 mins: Organize list of companies / desires positions
60 mins: Review networking leads
30 mins: Lunch
30 mins: Take a walk
2 hours: Apply to open positions
60 mins: Work on my novel
2 hours: Freelance work and/or read
60 mins: Learn to cook / make dinner


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